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Dental Bridge Sandy Springs, GA

Atlanta dentists Dr. Maria Benefield works with patients to find the most suitable solution to replace one or more missing teeth and restore their smile. Dental bridges are a traditional treatment option for replacing lost teeth and can be either removable or fixed. A dental bridge can be attached to existing natural teeth or a dental implant to restore a comfortable, functional smile:

Removable Dental Bridge – A removable dental bridge is typically reserved as a short term solution for missing teeth because it does not offer good long term benefits and frequently requires replacement or repair.

Fixed Dental Bridge – In a fixed dental bridge, a prosthetic tooth is connected to two dental crowns which cover the teeth on either side of the gap. This treatment option requires the adjacent teeth to be reduced to accommodate the crown as a foundation for the bridgework. This may not be an issue if the neighboring teeth already have dental crowns or large dental fillings. However, if the teeth are in good health, a dental bridge could put unneeded stress on the teeth, making them likely to need dental work in the future.

Dental Bridge vs Dental Implants: What To Consider

When it comes to choices for replacing missing teeth, there are more options available to patients today than ever before. Modern restorative dentistry now offers patients the ability to replace missing teeth and permanently secure dentures with a natural looking and functioning prosthetic tooth known as a dental implant. Implants offer several key benefits for lasting dental health:

  • Bone retention: the tiny implanted titanium post will help to stimulate bone growth and reduce jaw shrinkage that can occur as a result of tooth loss.
  • Secure and comfortable fit: the use of dental implants means that your restoration is permanent and will not slip or fall out when eating or speaking.
  • Supports a healthy diet: dental implants enable patients to eat a wide variety of food without restriction for better overall health through good nutrition.

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