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Pediatric Dentistry Sandy Springs, GA

Atlanta dentist Dr. Maria Benefield provides pediatric dental services for children and recommends that parents or caregivers bring a young patient in for their first visit by the age of 3- when most primary teeth have erupted. Early visits to the dentist will lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles and can often alleviate dental fears and anxiety in the future.

Our office is a warm, friendly environment where a dedicated team of professionals make every effort to ensure that our youngest patients feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed during their visits. We take the time to teach children about the benefits of good dental care as well as how to take care of their own teeth at home (although we recommend that daily oral hygiene be supervised until they are older).

Share this fun video from the ADA before your child’s first visit with us to start the conversation about the benefits of good oral hygiene habits.

The Importance of Primary Teeth

The primary, or “baby” teeth, begin to erupt at about 6 months of age. Once the first tooth has appeared, begin to practice daily oral hygiene by wiping the tooth gently with a clean, damp cloth to remove bacteria that may be on the surface. This gently introduces your baby to the concept of keeping the teeth clean.

The primary teeth play an important role in both oral health and overall development and keeping them healthy is important for a variety if reasons:

  • Enable a healthy and varied diet
  • Foster proper speech development
  • Hold the place for developing permanent teeth
  • Boost self esteem with a healthy smile

Loss of primary teeth can out children at a greater risk for developing gum disease. It can also affect the future placement of permanent teeth, causing bite problems that may need orthodontic treatment down the road.

Preventing Tooth Decay in Children

Tooth cavities remain one of the most common health concerns in young children today. This is largely the result of increased sugar in the diet and a lack of routine preventive dental care. Bringing your child to the dentist every 6 months enables Dr. Benefield and her staff to monitor tooth development and look for the early signs of tooth decay to avoid bigger problems.

Dr. Benefield offers the pediatric dental services a growing smile needs to remain healthy:

  • Dental sealants: placed on the larger biting surfaces of the back molars once erupted, dental sealants create a barrier for bacteria and help to prevent tooth decay.
  • Dental fillings: used to treat tooth decay and cavities, dental fillings restore health to the tooth and help to avoid greater damage or tooth loss.
  • Sports mouth guards: an essential for protecting the teeth and gums during contact sports, a custom sports mouth guard will be comfortable and offer maximum protection.

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