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Root Canal Sandy Springs, GA

A root canal is a “life-saving” treatment for a tooth that is infected or severely decayed. Dr. Maria Benefield performs root canals in her Atlanta dentist office whenever possible to save a natural tooth and avoid the more complex concerns associated with tooth extraction.

Although many patients feel anxious when a root canal is recommended, most will report that the procedure is no more uncomfortable than a dental filling due to many advances in technique and materials. In fact, the tooth pain many are experiencing is relieved once the infection is removed.

Root Canals: What To Expect

The root canal is the interior of a tooth where the pulp and nerves are located. Root canal treatment is needed when a tooth is significantly damaged or has decay that extends into the pulp chamber. Tooth pain is usually the first sign patients experience, though a dentist can spot infection during routine examinations.

Dr. Benefield will explain the process prior to your treatment and ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. A local anesthetic will be used to numb the area to be treated. The tooth will be opened with a tiny hole in the back and the infected tissue will be removed. Dr. Benefield will fill the pulp chamber with a biocompatible material to avoid further infection and reseal the tooth.

In some cases, Dr. Benefield will recommend that the tooth be strengthened with a dental crown for a lasting result.


5669 Peachtree-Dunwoody Rd NE,
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Atlanta, GA 30342


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